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A resumé shortened

Café Camu was founded with the idea that analytics can be fun. The term analytics has been replaced in recent years with business intelligence, but conceptually they are one and the same: the practice of utilizing data to make informed, intelligent business decisions.

After graduating from Manhattan College with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and Marketing, Brian spent the first few years of his career handling call center analytics - projecting call volume, headcount, and managing budgets. Striving for optimal service levels, building tools to ensure quality - this was the foundation upon which Brian cultivated his importance for Customer Care.

As the Internet grew in prominence during the mid-90s, travel companies were impacted as people secured their own reservations online. In search of a new challenge, Brian found his way into the healthcare space. Over the next two decades, Brian led the operations and analytics for several notable pharmaceutical companies and their salesforces, handling Sales Force Automation, Incentive Compensation, territory alignments, call plans, samples accountability, and managed care.

In recent years, Brian has expanded his skill set to include digital marketing and project management. Data visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, MS Excel, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and GIS tools such as MapBusinessOnline help bring your data to life.

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