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Bring your data to life!

Long before the term data visualization became a catchphrase, Brian has been incorporating charts and graphs into the reporting tools he creates. These visual elements make it easier to detect trends and patterns in the data. Some of the tools we use include Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and everybody's favorite MS Excel.


Sales Force Automation / Customer Relationship Management

Beginning with Lotus Notes in the early 90s, Brian has vast experience with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. Used interchangeably with the term SFA (Sales Force Automation), the concept for both is automate common business tasks such as contact management and share information. While SFA focuses on sales management, CRM encompasses various aspects of the customer experience including sales, marketing, finance, and more - to improve customer relationships and provide a unique experience to each customer.

We have managed a variety of different platforms within the healthcare industry and others.

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Geographic Information Systems

For companies that need to look at geography for their business needs, mapping software is the way to go. Create zip-to-territory alignments and position your salesforce in the most strategic locations to maximize opportunities. Overlay your sales data, leads, prospects, competition, and so much more. Depict where your marketing efforts are getting best conversion.

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